Charles Darwin University

ATAR Profile
ATAR based offers onlyATAR
(excluding adjustment factors)
Selection Rank
(ATAR plus any adjustment factors)
Lowest rank to receive an offer<5<5
Median rank to receive an offer<5<5
Highest rank to receive an offer<5<5

Notes: "<5" indicates less than 5 ATAR-based offers were made

Student Profile
Applicant background (Semester one intake 2022)No. of Students% of all Students
A. Higher education study
(includes a bridging or enabling course)
11 0.0
B. Vocational education and training (VET) study<5N/P
C. Work and life experience
(Admitted on the basis of previous achievement not in the other three categories)
5 0.0
D. Recent secondary education
  • Admitted solely on the basis of ATAR
(regardless of whether this includes the consideration of adjustment factors such as equity or subject bonus points)
  • Admitted where both ATAR and additional criteria were considered
(e.g. portfolio, audition, extra offer conditional on minimum ATAR)
  • Admitted on the basis of other criteria only and ATAR was not a factor
(e.g. special consideration, audition alone, schools recommendation scheme with no minimum ATAR requirement)
International students<5N/P
All students 16 0.0

"<5" - the number of students is less than 5
N/A - Students not accepted in this category
N/P - Not published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation of numbers in cells with less than 5 students.