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    The 2018 higher education class timetable is now available to view.

    You are encouraged to check the timetable website regularly for any amendments that may occur.

    Refine your search by selecting either a teaching location and/or teaching period or by entering a unit code or description.  If you are enrolled, you can also view your timetable by selecting 'View Student Timetable' and entering your CDU username and password.

    For the best user experience, we recommend the following minimum browser versions or later: Firefox 19, Chrome 28, Safari 5, Opera 12 or Internet Explorer 8. Please note, Internet Explorer users may not benefit from all functionality available with other browsers.

    Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your printed timetable. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    All times reflected are scheduled as per their local timezone.  All external activities are reflected in Australian Central Standard Time (UTC + 09:30).

    If you have any queries please email the Timetabling, Examinations and Results Unit.